Real Estate

We act for both vendors and purchasers in residential and commercial real estate transactions, as well as acting for various financial institutions in the completion of your mortgage or refinance. We wish to make your experience stress-free and protect your interests throughout. 

Wills and Estates

We can assist in preparing for the unforeseeable. Come see us for the planning of your estate such as, preparing your Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Personal Directive, as well as Probate and Administration of Estates. We cannot predict the future so let us help you with ensuring your family is taken care of.


Family Litigation

Family law can be very emotional however, it can be minimized with sound advice. We deal with a wide variety of issues including separation, divorce, child custody and matrimonial property. Our goal is to establish trust and confidence with our clients.


We understand the stress that comes with running a business. We will work with you to ensure that your needs are met. We can assist you in commercial real estate, drafting and reviewing agreements and contract, and simple start up business transactions. 

Criminal Litigation:

Being charged with a Criminal offense is a life-altering event for many of our clients. The consequences of a criminal conviction can have lasting impacts on a person's employment prospects, ability to travel, and even immigration status. We're here to help you navigate these pitfalls and decide on the best course of action whether that means taking your matter to trial or entering a guilty plea and making sentencing submissions tailored to your specific life circumstances. 


Criminal Sentence Appeals

While you may have committed the crime, the time or orders you received for the Honourable Courts may not be appropriate. We can assist you in determining if you have cause to appeal and in completing the appeal for you.

Notarial Services

Our firm offers services in Notarizing and Commissioning legal and non-legal documents.

Legal Advice

There will be times when you have legal questions, perhaps about legal documents you have received, or contracts you are reviewing before signing.   Come visit us for a Legal Advice Consultation to ease your mind and answer your questions.


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